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  • New lifestyle teaches new things
    Today I have rejoined wordpress. I was not active for a long time but now as there a holidays and I want to invest my time wisely, sharing ideas and taking opions is a very good means of spending our leisure time and helps in growing one’s personality. As my title suggests today I wouldContinue reading “New lifestyle teaches new things”
  • World suside prevention day 10september Friday
    The day we celebrate world suside prevention day is 10sep . Unfortunately we conduct the day to spread awareness on the essential issue of the present generation.We all are having different kinds of battles please break the barriers and be successful few months ago I posted It’s a challenge accept it.Lives are beautiful and GodContinue reading “World suside prevention day 10september Friday”
  • Happy Krishna Janmashtami
  • Loyalty IS ROYALTY
    We all have our family members , friends and many people who care about us. They all think good about us so we should always think for their betterment. Make one friend have less people,but always be loyal towards the people you are having. I myself have a friend, but a genuine one.If I willContinue reading “Loyalty IS ROYALTY”
  • My weakness
    We all know that at the beginning of every new thing we need some help.Blogging is one of it for me at this point of time.So I would humbly request you to comment down my posts that how you feel about it after reading ,this will really help me to grow as a blogger. IContinue reading “My weakness”
  • Missing my school
    I hope everyone is healthy.I am also healthy but not happy. I want to go to our beautiful school ,the only place that can make me happy now. I know safety is important that’s the only reason of all the happenings nowadays . Today I will share my school memories.My school memories are some happyContinue reading “Missing my school”
  • Its your life
    We all get to live life once,and we all have dreams but as we know its a fact that everyone can’t achieve the goal they wanted to. The real battle is when we try to achieve it. Success comes to those who has the power to persue it. God helps us when we try toContinue reading “Its your life”
  • Make others happy
    We all know laughter is the best medicine.Tomake others emotional or sad is very easy because each one of us have different kinds of problem Whereas tomake others happy is very difficult. Happiness doesn’t come itself,we have to invite it in our lives.We can only make others happy when we are happy.We can be happyContinue reading “Make others happy”
  • Human perceptions
    We all are humans and we all have different kinds of perception. We all meet different kinds of people in our life and each one of them have a different perspective about us. Some people have negative perspective whereas some positive some believe we are good some do not But these all our Thier perspective.Continue reading “Human perceptions”
  • Its your safety
    Today l feel very unfortunate that I have to blog this post. Few days ago, I posted a blog Vaccination time in that blog l requested you all to please get vaccinated. Yesterday we were watching news that people are not ready to get vaccinated and our medical workers face a lot of problems dueContinue reading “Its your safety”